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Study: Professional undergraduate study Commercial business with entrepreneurship (level 6 according to HKO)

Duration of studies: 3 years (180 ECTS points)

Majors: Business and Small Entrepreneurship

Professional title: bachelor’s degree (baccalareus/bacalaurea) in economics (bacc. oec.)

Professional study Commercial business with entrepreneurship teaches and trains students to manage small and medium-sized enterprises.
It is intended primarily for students who see their future through employment or self-employment in small manufacturing and service companies, consulting and engineering companies.

Upon completion of the studies, the participants will be able to:
• collect and interpret acquired knowledge about the legal framework within which business is conducted in the Republic of Croatia and the EU
• apply complex theoretical knowledge and methods from the field of entrepreneurship in order to organize business processes
• evaluate specialized facts and procedures in order to understand the company’s competitive advantages
• creatively use business and administrative processes to ensure efficient work execution
• collect and evaluate data on the business environment in order to identify opportunities and threats coming from the company’s environment
• participate in complex interactions when assessing the acceptability of entrepreneurial projects, take ethical and social responsibility for the company’s operations as well as for the development of individuals
• manage smaller professional projects in unforeseen situations
• apply complex methods and tools for the efficient performance of work in the company or in the social community
• select relevant facts and procedures from different areas of business in the investment evaluation of the acceptability of projects
• apply different techniques of economic analysis when checking the credibility and accuracy of various financial statements
• understand the significance and impact of financial markets on the operations of companies and the state as a whole
• evaluate and understand the functioning and influence of regulatory bodies in the company’s operations, as well as apply labor and social law in the company’s operations
• conduct communication in English and effectively apply information technology

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Petra Krešimira IV 30, 22300 Knin
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