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The University of Applied Sciences “Marko Marulic“ of Knin was founded in June 2005 by the Decree on the Establishment of the Government of the Republic of Croatia (Official Gazette No 73/05). Its primary objective is to organize and conduct professional studies.

Professional studies are conducted in three areas, through the following departments:

1. Commercial business with entrepreneurship – professional study of commercial business with entrepreneurship

2. Karst agriculture – professional studies in Karst animal husbandry and Karst plant production

3. Food technology – professional study of food technology

The Innovation Centre is a facility for research and innovation projects, which also serves as a platform for students’ experimental work.

The professional studies last for three years, and upon completion, 180 ECTS credits are acquired. The studies are aligned with the Bologna Declaration, enabling students to transfer credits to and from other higher education institutions in countries that are signatories to the Bologna Declaration.

Upon completing the professional studies, students can continue with specialist professional studies according to the established transfer methods of ECTS credits. The University of Applied Sciences “Marko Marulic“ of Knin offers an excellent opportunity for students to pursue their education in an innovative and professional environment.

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Promotional brochure of the University of applied sciences „Marko Marulić“ of Knin

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Petra Krešimira IV 30, 22300 Knin
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