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Economic Council

The University of Applied Sciences “Marko Marulić” in Knin is committed to collaborating with the economy. This collaboration aims to ensure a smooth flow of information from the economy to the University and to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills for the labour market.

To facilitate this cooperation, the University has appointed an Economic Council that provides input on the economy’s needs and experiences and contributes to developing new programs and constantly improving the existing ones.

Apart from the Economic Council, the University also collaborates with business people who are not part of the council in various ways. For instance, the University organizes visits by foreign lecturers to raise the quality of teaching and enable students to attend lectures or exercises conducted by relevant foreign experts. Some of these visits may be conducted virtually, while others will involve the physical presence of the lecturer.

In addition, the University plans to offer scholarships to individual students based on their academic achievements throughout their entire study period. The University will also support any company interested in offering scholarships, and a scholarship model will be determined.

To encourage the development of the economy, the University will organize round tables in cooperation with the Economic Council. These round tables invite experts in specific fields to share their insights and expertise. 

The members of the Economic Council of the University are:

  • Josip Laća, President of the Economic Council
  • Dear Puja,
  • Damir Buntic,
  • Dubravka Kaić,
  • Miljenko Čavlina,
  • Ante Duvnjak,
  • Ivan Petrović,
  • Dear Pletikosa,
  • Milivoj Macura,
  • Anica Čuljak,
  • Ana Barac,
  • Ante Sladić

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