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Dear visitors, respected colleagues, former, current, and future students, welcome to the website of the University of Applied Sciences “Marko Marulic“ of Knin!

Our University has a proud history of creating study programs that connect primary production, processing, and placement, with a focus on connecting science and the economy and developing an entrepreneurial spirit among young people.

In the past 19 years, we have educated over 800 students, and we hope that they will continue to contribute to the development of the University through the activities of our Alumni Club. We are proud to educate experts for the future – engineers with bachelor’s and master’s degrees, as well as actual academic citizens and intellectuals capable of critical thinking and using their knowledge to better their homeland and society.

The University carries out professional, research, and scientific research work, as well as various education and lifelong learning programs. We are socially engaged through cooperation with public and cultural stakeholders in ​​Knin, Sibenik-Knin County, and beyond. We continuously invest our efforts in creating new study programs, improving our quality system, and raising awareness of the culture of quality in higher education.

We prioritize creating a pleasant working atmosphere for our employees and students, improving student standards by modernizing our facilities and the Student Dormitory, ensuring quality student accommodation and nutrition, and encouraging students to get involved in the activities of the University through classes, professional practice, student employment, and the Erasmus+ academic mobility program.

We welcome all our students with joy and wish them student days filled with good health, a sharp mind, patience, and persistence that guarantees success. We hope that studying at our University, with the unreserved support of all our employees and the natural beauty and historical importance of our city, will remain in your fond memories.


Marijana Drinovac Topalović, PhD, College Professor,

Dean of the University of Applied Sciences “Marko Marulic“ of Knin

October 2, 2023

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