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Study: Professional graduate study Economic and normative framework of entrepreneurship (level 7 according to HKO)

Duration of studies: 2 years (120 ECTS credits)

Professional title: master’s degree/master’s degree in economics (mag. oec.)

Admission requirement: completed professional studies lasting at least three years or undergraduate university studies in the field of economics or law

Upon completion of the studies, the participants will be able to:
• synthesize theoretical knowledge about the legal framework within which business is conducted in the Republic of Croatia and the EU, and based on the acquired knowledge, recognize and adapt to the practical situations that will be faced
• critically valorize theoretical knowledge from the field of entrepreneurship and use it as a basis for organizing business processes
• use different business strategies to achieve company goals
• manage business and administrative processes in such a way as to ensure efficient and effective work in the jobs where they are engaged
• analyze the business environment with an emphasis on identifying business opportunities and threats that can be the basis for detecting elements of business process success
• evaluate cash flows, fixed and current assets of the entrepreneur’s investment project and prepare a projection of the profit and loss account, economic and financial flow of the investment project
• argue the acceptability of the entrepreneurial project based on an economic-financial analysis made with the help of modern computer tools and techniques
• recognize, analyze and interpret the differences and specifics of the corporate governance model
• decide and implement decisions and act in different situations related to the organization and functioning of the capital company
• analyze basic terms, principles and legalities in the field of business economics, and classify the way economic laws are applied in the functioning of companies
• independently manage payment assurance procedures for the collection of receivables
• apply financial analysis techniques and verify the credibility of financial statements
• understand the operations of financial markets and explain the meaning and role of financial analysis in the business decision-making process
• think creatively and critically about integrated marketing when creating a communication plan for a company or a specific product
• apply principles and regulations from the field of international and commercial law of the Republic of Croatia, labor and social law for the purpose of drawing up usual acts and submissions
• conduct business communications in English and use information technology in your work
• participate in the preparation, creation and implementation of projects

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