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Quality system

Following the mission, vision and goals defined by its Development Strategy 2020 — 2024, the University of Applied Sciences “Marko Marulic“ of Knin builds a quality culture with all stakeholders and promotes the development of a quality culture based on:

  • Improving the teaching process, professional and scientific research work,
  • Student-oriented learning and education,
  • Involvement of students in the activities of the University,
  • Development of new study programs based on cooperation with business people and by the needs of the labour market,
  • Promotion of academic integrity, freedom and tolerance, prevention of unethical behaviour and discrimination at all levels,
  • Transfer of knowledge and technologies while promoting entrepreneurial spirit,
  • Development of lifelong learning programs,
  • Carrying out activities and continuously improving the quality assurance system through the normative and strategic acts of the University,
  • Transparent and efficient business.

Handbook – Learning outcomes (2013)

Opinion of the Accreditation Council in the process of re-accreditation of the University of Applied Sciences “Marko Marulic“ of Knin

Action plan to eliminate deficiencies by the letter of expectations


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Petra Krešimira IV 30, 22300 Knin
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