Petra Krešimira IV 30, 22300 Knin


Duration of studies: 3 years (180 ECTS points)

Specializations: Karst animal husbandry

Professional undergraduate study Karst Agriculture – Karst Animal Husbandry (level 6 according to HKO)

Professional title: bachelor’s degree (baccalareus/bacalaurea), agricultural engineer (bacc. ing. agr.)

Upon completion of the studies, the participants will be able to:
• interpret the technological, health and economic requirements in the breeding of domestic animals, fishing, beekeeping and the production of products of animal origin
• organize work and independently manage technological processes in animal production
• perform field and laboratory work in the field of animal sciences
• manage the business of livestock products and equipment in livestock farming
• devise solutions and knowledge transfer in the business of agricultural holdings in the domain of livestock production
• evaluate and propose practical solutions for satisfying the ethological needs of animals depending on their breed
• be prepared for team and individual work and business communication (situation analysis, writing requests and reports for projects, public communication)
• act responsibly towards the natural environment
• communicate in a foreign language and be IT literate
• creatively use the acquired abilities of theoretical and practical learning in acquiring new knowledge and insights in animal sciences (continuation of education through formal and informal forms)

Study program: Karst animal husbandry

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Petra Krešimira IV 30, 22300 Knin
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