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Mentor of the year

Students in the studies are assigned a mentor who has an advisory role that contributes to the success of the students’ studies. Mentor of the year introduces students to the organization of the Polytechnic, services, building, code of ethics and other regulations of the Polytechnic that are important for students; informs students about all activities related to teaching and professional activities, advises and guides students during their studies, talks with students about their difficulties in fulfilling their student obligations, helps incoming foreign students to adapt and overcome difficulties during their stay at the Polytechnic, and the like.

Mentors of the years

Undergraduate professional study Trade business with entrepreneurship
  • 1 year Vedran Uroš, pres.
  • 2 years Ph.D. Linda Martić Kuran, prof. expert stud.
  • 3 years Ana-Marija Alfirević, v. pred.
Diploma specialist professional study Economic and normative framework of entrepreneurship
  • 1 year Mirko Goreta, pres.
  • 2 years Sanja Jurić, lecturer.
Undergraduate professional study Food Technology
  • 1 year Željko Zrno, vice president.
  • 2 years Emilija Friganović, vice president.
  • The mentor of the year has not been appointed for 3 years – the students are led by the vice dean for teaching Emilija Friganović, senior lecturer.
Undergraduate professional study Karst Agriculture – Plant production
  • 1 year Anita Pamuković, vice president.
  • 2 years Tomislav Svalina, lecturer.
  • 3 years Marko Šusta, vice president.
Undergraduate professional study Karst Agriculture – Karst Animal Husbandry
    • 1 year titular doc. Ph.D. Boris Dorbić, prof. expert stud.
    • 2 years Ph.D. Marija Vrdoljak, prof. expert stud.
    • 3 years Ph.D. Iva Ljubičić, prof. expert stud.

Mentor report form

Mentor observation form

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