Mission and vision


Our mission is development based on human and natural resources. The fundamental task of our Institution is the education of experts directed more towards practice in order to separate the application of expert knowledge and scientific method-specific training area, which is geared towards the beginning of a future profession. In order to meet these basic tasks, we have been  doing extremely professional and scientific research in the field of biotechnological and social sciences. For this purpose, curriculums include theoretical and applied knowledge, including professional practice in relevant work areas: corporate, administrative bodies, institutions and the like, depending on the profile of professionals who are educated at the Institution. Educational programs are approved by the competent authorities and are comparable with similar in Europe. Science and higher education are the most important factors of development in the world, hence the desire of the University of Applied Sciences in Knin that our activities contribute to the rapid and quality development of the town of Knin and its surroundings, Sibenik-Knin County and beyond.


The University of Applied Sciences is a center of excellence in dealing with high level and scientific research in the fields of sciences and social sciences, which conducts high-quality and effective education based on learning outcomes and the concept of lifelong learning. Active cooperation with industry, partnerships for community development, and a high level of organization of the University of Applied Sciences in Knin will show our public responsibility and contribute to the transition to the society of knowledge. Also, this is an institution that promotes mobility and the development of entrepreneurial energy and talent of expression of each individual (lecturer, assistant, administrator and student). High flexibility of studying and introducing of new programs with the aim of training highly professional profiles needed in the economy of the region will remain one of the fundamental characteristics of the University of Applied Sciences in Knin.